Spectre Miniatures Show Off More Painted Modern Troops!

October 9, 2014 by brennon

Spectre Miniatures have been painting up and showing off some of their core miniatures that came out of their successful Kickstarter earlier in the year.

SAS Recce Patrol

African Militia

Private Military Contractors

The miniatures and the scenes above focus in on three main factions for the game that include the stealthy SAS, the rag tag but dangerous African Militia and the hardy Private Military Contractors that will no doubt get stuck right in the middle.

Painted Technical

Last but not least we have a painted version of the PMC Technical that they've been working very hard on over the past few weeks. I love the mud splatter effect they've managed to get going and it looks very realistic, especially the work on the windows!

According to their Kickstarter updates they should be ready for launch very soon indeed.

Will you be trying your hand at some modern era military gaming?

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