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Spellcrow Hire Temple Guards For Umbra Turris


Spellcrow have released a new set of heroic figures for Umbra Turris; the Temple Guard.

Spellcrow Collect Together Their Gnomes & Hobgoblin Raiders


Spellcrow collected together their Gnomes into a new collection called Gnomes Of Tykatrion. Eight different characters have been combined into this one set, many of which have been around for a while.

Arm Yourselves With Spellcrow’s New Selection Of Sci-Fi Weaponry


Spellcrow have come out with an arsenal’s worth of new scifi weapons, ranging from the common laser pistol to a full on barrage of Gothic rockets.

Weekender XLBS: Star Wars – Taking Toys To The Tabletop


Tell ’em about the twinkie…

Spellcrow Build New Fantasy Terrain For Your Tabletops


Spellcrow has designed some new terrain pieces for you to drop into your games. If you’re looking to create a small defended farmstead then these terrain pieces might be just what you’re looking for.

Spellcrow Release A Crew Of Cold-Blooded Reptilian Warriors


Spellcrow has released another set of 10mm fantasy figures, a unit of Reptilian Warriors.

Spellcrow Mutate Your Vehicles With New Doors And Plates


Spellcrow have released some accessories to convert your light vehicles, inlcuding decorative front plates and doors that have become a smidgeon warped.

10mm Barbarian Come Stormin’ Forth From Spellcrow


Spellcrow is expanding their range once again with some new Fantasy warriors for you to pick up. This time however they’re in 10mm! Check out their Barbarians…

Spellcrow Go Hunting With New Fantasy Elves


The folks at Spellcrow have now released four new Elves onto their webstore for your Fantasy games. Wielding daggers and axes they looking like some proficient killers!

Plague Obliterated Knights March To War From Spellcrow


Blighted and gifted by their patron God this new set of Plague Obliterated Knights from Spellcrow would work very nicely in a Nurgle army you’re putting together for the tabletop and the grim dark future.

Spellcrow Take To The Trenches With New Terrain


Spellcrow have come out with a new terrain set that will let you build a defensive bulwark of trenches across the battlefield.

New Plague Marks Infect Spellcrow


Spellcrow has come down with a bad case of disease as they release new Plague Marks to help spread the infection to your miniatures.

See What Sci-Fi Creepy Crawlies Spellcrow Have Built


Spellcrow showed off one of the weird Sci-Fi creepy crawlies that they’ve made using their new Cyber Spider Legs which came out recently from this range.

Spellcrow’s Young Wood Elf Axemen Defend Their Forest


Spellcrow has shown off a new set of Wood Elves for you to use in your Fantasy games. Here we have some of their Young Axemen, ready to defend their homes.

10mm Barbarians & Reptiles On The Sculpting Table For Spellcrow


Spellcrow is asking the community what they should do next! Should they be sculpting up their 10mm Barbarian army or their Reptile one instead?

Spellcrow Send More Orcs Into The Trenches


Recently, we saw Spellcrow’s first British Orc, an officer ready to lead his greenskins in the trenches. Now they have revealed the poor bloody infantry of this new orc army.

Kill In The Shadows With Spellcrow’s Elf Assassin


Spellcrow has given us a sneak peek at an upcoming model in their range, the Elf Assassin. See what you think of this shadowy individual.

An Orc Trencher Goes To War From Spellcrow


Spellcrow have previewed another of their new models sculpted up just for fun. Here we have an Orc Trencher themed after a soldier from World War I…

Umbra Turris Plays Out on Spellcrow’s New Playmat


Spellcrow have come up with a couple of new releases, leaving skulls littered all over their new playmat.

Spellcrow Barrel Out Some Hazardous Materials


Spellcrow are going to release a new set of terrain barrels, each designed to contain a different sort of dangerous substance. Be careful where you aim those laser rifles.

Spellcrow Open The Top Hatch Doors For Their Wolf Space Knights


Spellcrow are preparing a new set of top hatch doors to give your vehicles the appropriate lupine style for the Wolf Space Knights.