Hide Behind Spellcrow’s Hidden Counters

January 5, 2015 by dracs

Spellcrow have released a new set of decorative counters to help you to show when your miniatures are hiding in the shadows.

Hidden Counters

These counters feature a detailed, decorative design with a hooded figure in the centre. They help to clearly indicate just when a miniature is obscured, letting you easily keep track of when your characters are schlepping furtively through the night time shadows.

I must admit that I these do not particularly appeal to me. The design is good, though the writing gets a little obscured by all the detail, but it's the hooded faces that I think look a little out of place. These might be better if they were left with a far simpler design. However, I might change that opinion if I were to see them painted up and being used in a game.

What is your opinion of Spellcrow's Hidden Counters?

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