Spellcrow Go Hunting With New Fantasy Elves

February 8, 2017 by brennon

The folks at Spellcrow have now released four new Elves onto their webstore for your Fantasy games. Wielding daggers and axes they looking like some proficient killers!

Elf With Dagger #1

Firstly we have these becloaked warriors with daggers drawn. Both Version One and Version Two of these models look like they would make for excellent Elven Rogues in your games of Dungeons & Dragons.

Elf With Dagger #2

Of the two of them, I prefer the first simply because I think his overall look meshes nicer Something about the cloak for the second Elf just doesn't look as cool.

Getting stuck in with the chopping implements we also have two Elves with axes.

Elf With Axe #1

This pair is no less roughish than the previous Elves and indeed could probably make for some good hired swords, ready to do the dirty work in the back alleys of a Fantasy city.

Elf With Axe #2

Of Version One and Version Two I think I prefer the second due to the hairstyle which makes him look even more angry! If you picked up a few of these you could use them as a group of vagabonds in Dungeons & Dragons once again, or as part of a larger Fantasy warband.

What do you think of these new Elves?

"...they would make for excellent Elven Rogues in your games of Dungeons & Dragons"

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