Spellcrow Add More Equipment To Their Sci-Fi Armoury

July 23, 2013 by brennon

Spellcrow had a little bit of a hit with their last bundle of awesome bitz and I reckon this isn't going to be much different. Check out their Salamander Weapons, Chaos Shoulder Pads and Space Elf Heads below...

Salamander Guns - Chaos Shoulder Pads - Space Elf Heads

I already like the look of those Salamander weapons. I have a friend who is starting a new Space Marine force and they would be perfect as special weapons of some kind like Meltaguns or Plasma weapons.On the other hand we have the very textured Chaos Pads that would respond nicely to a wash.

Last but not least we have the Space Elf helmets. These were great when attached to the bodies and now as a separate set they will be snapped up I reckon. They would be great for showing off who is the leader of a squad.

What do you think of Spellcrow's new offerings?

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