Spellcrow Miniatures’ New Orc Tribe Is Causing Mischief!

August 15, 2014 by brennon

We showed off a neat little coming addition to the Spellcrow line earlier in the week but the real gem of this week has come in the form of their Orc Tribe that looks like it would make an awesome skirmish gang or something to mix into a larger army...

Orc Tribe

As you can see it comes with a whole bunch of individual miniatures that each look as good as the other. It would be a great raiding party to bring to the table in something like Warhammer Fantasy Skirmish or Mordheim and I bet you could even work on making them look more technical for something sci-fi. I love the chap with the big mohican clutching that clearly dangerous Dwarven weapon.

Away from Warhammer based fighting they would make a brilliant fantasy pirate crew for something like Cutlass!

Do you think you'll be using these on the tabletop?

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