The Spellcrow Orc Doctor is in, But Do You Trust Him?

October 4, 2012 by brennon

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Even Orcs get wounded in war, and they occasionally need a Doctor. Spellcrow are looking to remedy the situation with their bitz allowing you to create one for yourself...

Orc Doctor Upgrade Kit

Orc Bodies

So above is the Doctors kit, alongside some bodies for you to mount the bitz on. These pieces, as always with Spellcrow parts, seem to have a great finish and plenty of detail mixed with clean flat areas. There doesn't seem to be bubbling or any other problems with their kits.

Orc Doctor Conversion Example

And this is what he will look like when you're done with him. The example was put together to show how easily it all fits together and creates a great medic for the battlefield. Obviously you don't have to buy all the bitz to make your different Orcs, just grab what you need and add it to your existing collection.

Some more great Orc stuff from Spellcrow?

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