Spellcrow Starts An Archery Contest Between Goblins & Halflings!

January 8, 2015 by brennon

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Spellcrow have more charming fantasy miniatures on the way for their growing range. This time around they're previewing their Halfling and Goblin Archer...

Spellcrow Halfling Archer

Spellcrow Goblin Archer

The Halfling is looking very proud of himself and I like the look of him as a Ranger, Rogue or even just a bog standard Fighter-type since he also has the sword strapped on. I love the exaggerated Fantasy detail that Spellcrow work with on their sculpts and it gives a real sense of character.

The Goblin is also looking pretty awesome and could either work as a general mook in a collection of other enemies on the tabletop or even an Evil PC if you so desired. Of course just because he looks like a Goblin doesn't make him a bad guy so maybe you fancy going down the helpful anti-hero root?

I do like the idea of Goblin Rogues in parties!

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