Spellcrow’s Next Dark Faun Brings a Friend Along

October 22, 2015 by dracs

Spellcrow have published the concept sketch for their next menacing Dark Faun, accompanied by a diminutive familiar.

Dark Faun

This model will be a very imposing figure on the tabletop, the curling horns on its back raising its already impressive height and making it all the more intimidating.

The outstretched hammer promises that it will be able to deal a great deal of damage, and if that doesn't work he can always use the massive chopper his familiar is carrying.


No idea what that is. Some sort of mutated guinea pig perhaps?

Spellcrow are showing some nice creativity with their Dark Fauns, which promise to be perfect character models, either for dungeon delving or as part  of a larger army.

Do you like the direction Spellcrow are taking with these fantasy staples?

"Spellcrow are showing some nice creativity with their Dark Fauns..."

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