Spellcrow’s Dwarf Shaman Learns Northern Mystical Arts

January 2, 2015 by dracs

It looks like it is set to be a busy month for Spellcrow as they have six new goblins, six halflings, and six northern dwarfs in the pipeline. The first of these northern dwarfs has just appeared, a short Shaman bearing a mystical runic staff.

Northern Dwarf Shaman

This might just be the most dour dwarf I have seen. Maybe he's just annoyed because of the hole in his shoe. Either that or because he apparently lacks a neck.

Spellcrow's Northern Dwarf Shaman is one of those models where the sculpt gives you a good idea of its character. This would be perfect for fantasy adventuring, though maybe not if your trying to roleplay a happy-go-lucky type character.

Do you like the look of Spellcrow's latest dwarf, or is it a bit too cartoony for your tastes?

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