A Spooky Shadow Hangs Out In Spellcrows Graveyard

September 11, 2013 by brennon

Spellcrow have another great week and while this time it might be a bit more 'spooky' (although what's spookier than a baby Cthulhu?) it's certainly cool too.


This creepy Shadow has a little bit of the 'Scream' about him when you check out his face and I think he would be a perfect model for use with role-playing dungeon crawlers or indeed on the battlefield as something like a Cairn Wraith for Vampire Counts.

What I think is neat about this model is that while it's quite a simple model to paint, you could just drybrush it to create an ethereal effect, there is a lot you could do with blending and such to make it look stunning.

Will you be summoning this spectre?

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