Would You Trust Spellcrow’s Goblin Porter With Your Ale?

August 12, 2014 by brennon

Spellcrow have previewed a nifty little release that is coming your way soon. When you need your ale bought to you, in the depths of a dungeon of course (monsters do get thirsty!), what could be better than having your own Goblin Porter to bring it to you?

Goblin Porter

As you can see this Goblin doesn't appear to be that happy that he's having to cart around these barrels of ale but at least he isn't being stuffed into one of them so he can be pickled for later by an enterprising Bugbear! I like that there is a decent amount of detail still regardless of the project here from Spellcrow and even the barrels look great!

Could you find a use for this Goblin Porter?

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