Spinal Column Miniatures On Kickstarter With Creepy Dudes

December 2, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Spinal Column Miniatures has a campaign currently going on Kickstarter to help fund their miniatures for the future game of New World Order Earth. The set they are offering is called the Wasteland Abomination and offers some of the most messed up characters to grace a post apocalyptic world.

The first is the Unstable Abomination, a big nasty brute who is a wrecking machine and guaranteed to make anyone have a very bad day.

The second character, The Brain,  in this set is a poor lad who was abandoned by his mother at a very young age due to a slight birth defect, his brain kept growing and eventually escaped his skull and now hangs from his head and the weight of this massive organ has disfigured him severely, but don't feel too bad for him as this immense cerebral  growth has given him the ability to control others' minds and conjure up some forces of nature.

The third and fourth miniatures are a couple of misshapen and miss-mannered fellows who are your foot soldiers in this crazy mixed up world. The Brutes are just that large brutish characters that like to mix it up with some poor hapless soul and bring an end to their existence rather quickly.

The sculpts look pretty good and any fan of post apocalyptic games and genre will probably want to take a look at these. Head over to Kickstarter and see what you think.

Are you ready for some trouble in the wastelands?

"...offers some of the most messed up characters to grace a post apocalyptic world."

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