Ganesha Games Blast Into Space With Star Eagles On Kickstarter

April 10, 2017 by brennon

Ganesha Games are up on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their new Sci-Fi game, Star Eagles. Heading out into the stars with some fantastic looking ships this one is worth checking out.

final box art preview for   kickstarter

This game sees you playing as squadrons of between four and twelve ships, battling it out in the depths of space using a set of tactical and in-depth rules. While they have their own world and their own rules for the various factions one of the big selling points of the game is that it has an open system for creating your own ships.

The Ships!

Admittedly the two main factions, the Con-Star and the S'Sekai are looking rather good! This shows off the core Two Player Starter Box you can pick up when you head on over to the campaign page.

Two Player Starter Box

Some of the ships have already been finished by Zealot Miniatures, and then painted up by the team to show you the kind of models you're going to be getting when the game releases.

1 Constar

I have to say that the Con-Star do look absolutely amazing and I love their sleek jet-fighter style design. If any folks have played Elite Dangerous, this kind of ship certainly feels in keeping with that aesthetic which is neat.

The S'Sekai have a much more alien design to them, but their ships still look sleek and deadly which is good. Too often you see alien ships which have such off the wall designs that they just don't seem to fit the style of a fighter craft.

2 Ssekai

There are more packs and additional extras for you to go and check out on the Kickstarter page so if these ships and the paint jobs are catching your eye, you should go and take a closer look!

Gameplay & Rules

If you're interested in finding out more about how to play then you can head over to their page where they've done a great job of running through the basics through a selection of video tutorials with plenty of images too.


The thing that fascinating me though was their approach to the three ways to play...

  • STANDARD – This is the default game mode which involves 8-12 ships per player on a 4’x4’ gaming surface and is usually concluded in 60-90 minutes. Ships are controlled and maneuvered individually, but individual pilot traits and detailed ship damage are abstracted.
  • DETAILED – Designed for 3-4 ships per player and concludes in 45-60 minutes on a 3'x3' playing surface. Uses the standard engine, but includes more detailed ship damage by location. Pilots can be customized with unique skills.
  • EPIC BATTLE- This is for those who demand a truly grand spectacle on the table. Players each control 20-50 ships organized into squadrons of 3-6 ships each. Played on a 4’x6’ table, all movement and attacks are performed by groups rather than by individual ships. Dogfighting is more abstracted, but combined arms and good use of the various capabilities of different classes of ships becomes critical. Contact markers are used to create a 'Fog of war'. Scanning and recon are important to avoid ambushes. Games can still be finished in 90 minutes.

Does this sound like a game that would appeal to you?

Take a closer look and let us know!

" of the big selling points of the game is that it has an open system for creating your own ships"

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