N.E.C.A Preview The Star Trek: Attack Wing Collection

July 24, 2013 by brennon

We knew a while back that WizKids had got hold of the Star Trek license and were using it for their new Attack Wing game. Well, N.E.C.A have got a whole load of images from the release and you can check out some of them here...

Star Trek Attack Wing Boxed Set & Clamp Packs

As you can see the set-up looks good right now. The main boxed game is similar to the one for X-Wing with the Enterprise, a Klingon vessel and what appears to be a Romulan ship too.

Enterprise Set

Klingon Set

Above are some of the bits and pieces you get with each of the ships too. You get a lot of character cards, plenty of information and some extra bits and pieces too. It's nice to see they have delved into the back catalog for this one when it comes to characters.

Check out more of them on the N.E.C.A Facebook page and then pop back over here. I want to know if you'll be picking up this game which uses the system from X-Wing.

Drop a comment below with your thoughts.

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