FFG Announce Star Wars: Destiny Draft Set, Rivals

October 17, 2017 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new set of releases for Star Wars: Destiny with their Rivals kit. This allows you to play out both Draft and Sealed Play, opening up the competitive scene and playing around with the meta a bit more.

Rivals Set

The idea of this set is that it gives you a basic selection of characters and cards to bring into your deck. You will then mix that in with either six or eight boosters depending on the kind of event you're playing and form your deck around your pulls.

Draft & Sealed Play

Each of the different colours has been represented by three characters that come in the box. Leading the way is Anakin Skywalker shown here as he walks the line between the Dark and Light side of the force.

Anakin Skywalker

You will notice that Anakin here, and the other two characters from the set, are classed as Neutral Characters. This means that when you're building your deck you can include both Hero & Villain cards in the mix, a mechanic only available in this format.

Lobot & Ketsu

Interestingly, all of the cards from this upcoming set are going to be available in standard play as well. So, you'll be able to field these characters and more of the cards from the Rivals pack just like you would from any expansion. It makes going to one of these organised play events a decidedly more interesting prospect.

Star Wars Card Fan

One last special surprise from the set was the announcement of the first Grey Neutral Character, the Jawa Scavenger.

Jawa Scavenger

Alas, you can't really make a great deck with five Jawas in it, but they are going to be useful for those people who need to plug the gaps in their deck when it comes to constructing one. They also come with the neat and thematic Resourceful card which allows you to get rid of problem dice to gain resources.

Are you going to be giving this a go?

"Leading the way is Anakin Skywalker shown here as he walks the line between the Dark and Light side of the force..."

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