FFG Use The Force With New Blue Card Preview For Star Wars: Destiny

April 24, 2017 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games previewed some of the Blue Cards that you'll be able to pick up when the new set of releases hit as part of Spirit of Rebellion later this year in Star Wars: Destiny.

Blue Cards SWD

Here we get a look at some of the characters coming your way including the legendary Obi-Wan Kenobi. Whilst he might look like he'd be a good damage dealer (and he is) his real skill lies in the ability to twist dice around to more favourable results.

He is also a Guardian, able to tank a lot of damage for your team AND allows you to play a blue card for free when he is defeat. With some big blue cards on the horizon, this could be the game changer you need when sacrificed at the right moment.

Next up we take a closer look at Luminara Unduli.

Luminara Unduli

She effectively delivers the killing blow to your enemy and could easily cut a swathe through low health characters. I like the idea of her leading some Padawans into the fighting for some brutal lightsabre-style death dealing.

Talking of non-unique characters, here's the Jedi Acolyte. We see more of the twists and turns becoming available to the characters of Star Wars: Destiny.

Jedi Acolyte

You can effectively use these smaller characters to charge up your unique characters so they can deliver some sickening strikes to the enemy. The Jedi Acolyte is also very adaptable and can give you what you need, when you need it. Short of credits? Suddenly you're getting two from him if you resolve him properly.

Last from our picks we have Force Heal.

Force Heal

With a low cost of two and two special sides on the dice, plus the resources it needs to power itself, this could be fantastic when used on Obi-Wan Kenobi. He will be using Guardian a lot so stick this on him and keep him healed up and shielded to soak even more damage until you feel it's right to sacrifice him.

The Blue Cards of Star Wars: Destiny are stepping into the realm of deck and tabletop manipulation and it's neat to see this more complicated style of play emerging.

Are you a stalwart follower of the Force in Star Wars: Destiny?

"The Blue Cards of Star Wars: Destiny are stepping into the realm of deck and tabletop manipulation..."

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