The Jedi Trials Share More Star Wars: Destiny Spoilers For Empire At War

August 31, 2017 by brennon

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Being exceptionally kind to their community, Fantasy Flight have shared more spoilers for Empire At War, the new box for Star Wars: Destiny coming soon. We start off with more Jedi hijinks thanks to The Jedi Trials...

Jedi Instructor

This is going to be an exceptionally good card with the likes of Luke Skywalker or indeed practically any character you want to make more deadly in battle. With a solid set of die faces to work from and an ability which tunes down the random a bit more with its mitigation effect, this is going to be a solid choice for many I reckon.

On the red and yellow front, we have Commandeer which is going to be useful considering the number of vehicles that will be popping up in the new expansion. I like the dirty Sith nature of it where you don't even have to pay the cost!


Trickery might be a bit expensive when you look at it, but when you're avoiding putting Dodge and Block into your deck nowadays a card like this might not be too bad. It means you can still snipe away important die from your opponent and adds more tricks to yellow as a whole.


However, it wasn't just these cards which got spoiled but also a Battlefield which again, seems to draw on the new flavour of the set which is military advances and war.

Imperial Academy

Holding the battlefield feels like it's going to be more important than ever and as we've seen above it has, even more, ways to mitigate bad luck. It's also the kind of battlefield which YOU are going to find useful but your opponent won't so it creates an interesting back and forth at the beginning of the game.

Knights Of Ren Spoilers

We also saw some spoilers from Knights Of Ren, our buddies who do their awesome podcast! Here we have the Magnaguard who you might recognise from Episode III.

Magna Guard

You could now work them into a good theme deck alongside Dooku if you're like me and use their rather exceptional ability to cause some serious pain. I hope we also see more red weapons to help them so we're not just relegated to blasters for the bad guys!

Last but not least we have Entrenched.


Unless we find more ways to add resources into your pool I can't see people playing this card. You'd have to either be playing a very cheap deck or have a way or lowering the cost of your events to make this more viable I think.

What do you think of the new spoilers and are you playing Star Wars: Destiny?

Let me know below...

"What do you think of the new spoilers and are you playing Star Wars: Destiny?"

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