Three Man Meta Share New Star Wars: Destiny Teasers!

August 28, 2017 by brennon

Three Man Meta, a gaming group and podcast has shared some of the spoilers they received for Star Wars: Destiny by Fantasy Flight Games.

Weapons Cache

The first preview was for Weapons Cache which is going to be a great help in both Hero and Villain decks. The ability to get your weapons (especially ranged weapons) into play easier means that we're going to be seeing a nice splash of Yellow in decks going forward.

That's not to say Yellow hasn't been dominant at the moment but this sure does look like an auto-include if you're working with that kind of characters. With two chances at the Special side to this is a reliable Support.

Next up we have EMP Grenade which is going to be fun for those looking to run mill decks (making the enemy run out of cards). It also points towards plenty more Droid AND Vehicle cards in the new expansion, which we did somewhat know about.

EMP Grenade

As a more focused grenade card, it's going to be interesting to see if it gets as much play as the likes of Thermal Detonator and Infantry Grenades did when they first came out. I guess we'll have to see how the meta swings.

Next up we're turning to the Force with some Lightsabre Training.

Lightsabre Training

Blue could always use more ways to influence dice and change them to match your plans and this makes your Jedi/Sith decks far more reliable at a rather reasonable price of one credit as well. Those who are a fan of Darth Vader, Anakin and Grievous (with Lightsabres) might want to add this into their deck.

Last but not least from their previews we also have Drop Your Weapon.

Drop Your Weapons

As pointed out by Three Man Meta this could be an excellent way to finally stop someone like FN from stomping all over your characters with his baton! Limited only to Villain decks this could be a good way to also keep your Non-Unique heavy decks alive a bit longer and out of the reach of deadly weapons!

New Phasma For A New Starter Set

After Empire At War, we're going to be seeing a new set of Starter Sets for you to pick up for Star Wars: Destiny. These usually contain appropriate characters to match the current story, as the first did with Force Awakens. The character from the Villain set does appear to have arrived too with a new version of Phasma.

Captain Phasma

This new version of Phasma has the grey icon in the lower right corner of her card denoting that she will only be available in the Starter Set. She has a very cheap pair of die too meaning she's probably going to be the two die option in the set.

Statistics-wise Phasma is brutal with good damage you don't have to pay for, a nice ability to switch things up and resources. Her Special is also nasty, allowing her to land the finishing blow on her enemies, especially low health Non-Uniques.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the Starter Set content is going to be like!

Bring on more Destiny!

"Statistics-wise Phasma is brutal with good damage you don't have to pay for, a nice ability to switch things up and resources..."

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