Prepare For Star Wars: Destiny Today At The FFG World Championships

May 6, 2017 by redben

Star Wars: Destiny steps into the spotlight today. The stream is expected to go live at 13.00 CDT (19.00 BST), and run till 21.00 CDT (03.00 BST). This should cover the entirety of the top sixteen cut and possibly the end of the Swiss rounds also.


Star Wars: Destiny is a card and dice collectable game, the first time Fantasy Flight Games have dipped their toes into the collectable game market in around a decade. How well did it go? Well, much better than FFG expected as they’ve struggled to keep up with demand.

Players select thirty points of characters which begin the game in play, each with either one or two dice. Alongside this, they have a thirty card deck which will give them additional cards and dice to bring into play, or discard for a one-off effect. The goal of the game is to destroy the opponent’s characters or make them run out of cards.

Gameplay & More

Check out the gameplay tutorial above for more information on how the game plays or take a look at our very own Dawn as she took us through a game HERE.


Knights of Ren also bring us a more in-depth look at the game with their Podcast which we host here on Beasts Of War.


As Star Wars: Destiny was only released late last year, this is not only the first time a world championship has been held for it, but it’s also the very first tournament in FFG’s year-long OP structure which begins with store championship season and runs through regionals and nationals.


It means all bets are off on this one. There’s no reigning champ and no established tournament meta.

All entrants to the inaugural Star Wars: Destiny world championship will be taking an alternate art Mon Mothma card. Also up for grabs are unique resource tokens, a top 32 Darth Vader playmat, that top sixteen medal again, a unique top eight damage dial, and a top four sheet of uncut Mon Mothma cards.


The winner will walk away with the trophy, a one-of-a-kind Han Solo mat, an expenses paid trip to the 2018 worlds to defend their title, and the chance to design the first ever world champion card for the game.

Will you be tuning in?

"It means all bets are off on this one. There’s no reigning champ and no established tournament meta..."

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