Spirit Of Rebellion Boosters Come To Star Wars: Destiny

January 12, 2017 by brennon

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Star Wars: Destiny has been quite the success for Fantasy Flight Games and they have now announced the newest set of boosters, Spirit of Rebellion. There's a certain Rogue One feel about this set!

Spirit of Rebellion

These new cards and dice will be out during the second quarter of 2017 so you have some time to prepare and snap up more boosters from the first set. One would assume that they're still going to make the first set of boosters available for folks who haven't been able to get a hold of them.

Rogue Fan

As mentioned above the flavour of the releases this time is focused on the release of Rogue One which came out towards the end of last year. Jyn Erso will be battling it out against Krennic and the forces of the Empire.


Despite her rebellious nature Jyn Erso is actually quite reliable when it comes to your games. With no + results she will benefit from certain equipment of course but she will practically always give you something to do. I like the idea of running her in a discard deck where you're draining your opponent of cards.

Krennic on the other hand, is much more of a mastermind behind the scenes. While he can shoot his enemies he would prefer to get his Death Troopers to do the dirty work and has plenty of results on his dice for infuriating the other player too.


The Death Troopers are focused entirely on damage with a smattering of disruption in there to match their commander's skills. I think they are going to be an awesome addition to the game. It's not often Storm Troopers actually hit their targets!

Death Trooper

Lastly, we had another preview for a legendary card in the set. See what you make of the Emperor himself, Palpatine.


Simply being in his presence is enough to destroy your enemies characters. With a good set of options when it comes to his roll, a high health value and that constant two damage being dealt out each turn its going to be a race against time to beat him.

The question is, who do you run alongside him if you only have one die?

Will you be picking up these new boosters?

"Jyn Erso will be battling it out against Krennic and the forces of the Empire..."

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