Spirit Of Rebellion Preview Event Coming Soon For Star Wars: Destiny

March 17, 2017 by brennon

Over the weekend of April 1st and 2nd, 2017, whilst we're powering through the Hobby Weekend, there will be a chance to head to a Preview Event for Star Wars: Destiny at your friendly local gaming store focusing on the new boosters for Spirit Of Rebellion from Fantasy Flight Games.

Spirit Of Rebellion Card Fan

It will be your first chance to pick up a new selection of cards like Jyn Erso, Krennic and IG-88 who is awesome indeed. Of course, it wouldn't be an event without some special goodies like these cards!

Special Cards

When you complete special missions on your objective card for the event you will be able to pick up some of these awesome characters you see above with their text in arabesh. These include dealing a specific amount of damage, bringing your deck along to play games, playing games and buying boosters.

Basically, if you have fun playing Destiny you will get some awesome cards.

Will you be going along to this?

"Basically, if you have fun playing Destiny you will get some awesome cards..."

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