New Star Wars: Destiny Teasers Pop Up From Team Covenant

July 6, 2017 by brennon

Empire At War is the new set coming to Star Wars: Destiny later this year from Fantasy Flight Games and Team Covenant got a preview of some of the new cards from the set including the awesome K-2SO from Rogue One...


One of the big things they talk about in the video is the use of theme to create each of the cards and you can see the final moments of Rogue One for K-2SO played out with this card. I love his ability which feels just right for the character, and at twenty points you could fit in another character too which is cool. Maybe a Rebel Non-Unique to keep with the theme?

Another of the big pushes for this new set is to bring in more Support Cards and have them be usable. Here we have the LR1K Sonic Cannon for example.

LR1K Sonic Cannon

While the costs may seem prohibitive they have included an ability which means that you can start to use characters to fire the cannon. Once again, it's thematic and flavourful whilst also being rather deadly. Of course with these high-cost Support cards, you're going to need some ways to get them onto the table and that's where a new Battlefield comes in.

Weapons Factory Alpha

Like many of the good Battlefields this gives you a benefit for running it and takes away from your opponent, apart from the advantage of priority in the next turn of course. It remains to be seen of course whether or not this will actually have the impact needed but we'll no doubt see some lower cost vehicles in this set as well as the meaty ones.

Last but not least I had to highlight Roll On.

Roll On

I love the theme of this card once again, who doesn't love BB-8? Also, the fact that it gives you more of that push your luck element to gameplay really does hit the nail on the head for Destiny.

I'll leave the other previews for the video. Give it a watch, it's a nice insight into what's coming.

What do you think of the reveals?

"Another of the big pushes for this new set is to bring in more Support Cards and have them be usable..."

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