New Smuggler’s Sourcebook for Edge of the Empire

November 13, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

“Don’t get jittery, Luke. There are a lot of command ships. Keep your distance though, Chewie, but don’t look like you’re trying to keep your distance. (Chewbacca barks a question) I don't know, Fly Casual.”  - Han Solo

Fly Casual

What better advice for a smuggler? Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the first quarter of 2015 will see the arrival of Fly Casual, a new sourcebook for smugglers in the Star Wars- Edge of the Empire game.

Fly Casual2

Smuggling in the Star Wars galaxy is a high stakes job filled with danger and excitement. However, flying from one planet to another, sneaking past Imperial patrols, and dealing with scum and villainy is not just a job- it's a way of life. For those drawn to this lifestyle, its opportunities, its freedoms, and its excitement, Fly Casual offers a tremendous variety of new character options, equipment, ships, modifications, and potential jobs.

Fly Casual1

While the rules and information in Fly Casual are geared primarily toward Smugglers and their interests, the book is filled with toys, tricks, and opportunities that are certain to catch the imagination of any player interested in turning a profit at the edge of the Empire. You just have to be willing to accept the risks, for with risk comes reward.

Fancy entertaining life as a smuggler in Edge of the Empire?

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