Shape Force And Destiny In Star Wars Ghosts Of Dathomir

January 25, 2017 by dracs

Fantasy Flight Games have a new adventure module coming out for the role-playing game Star Wars Force and Destiny. Explore the territory of the Hutts in Ghosts of Dathomir.

Ghosts of Dathomir

Ghosts of Dathomir will launch you deep into the Mid and Outer Rim planets, leaving you to navigate cities dominated by Hutt influence and planets that pulse with a sinister life. Fear may very well save your life on the streets of Toydaria or the swamps of Dathomir, but you will need to overcome it in order to face Jerserra and come out alive.

Today's preview offers a glimpse behind the mask of Jerserra, that you might know your enemy before facing her in combat.

The most intriguing part of this is definitely the mysterious Jerserra and her strange lightsaber.


Described by Fantasy Flight as a bloodthirsty individual who stands apart from both the Alliance and the Empire, Jerserra apparently has a hand in all of the illegal goings on within the system you'll be exploring.

The lightsaber is particularly intriguing. Those of you who have been watching the excellent Star Wars Rebels series will recognise it as one of those used by the Empire's jedi hunting Inquisitors.


While I'm not the biggest fan of that lightsaber design, its presence does create some interesting questions about her character and it is good to see Fantasy Flight bringing in elements from the expanded universe.

Have you played any of Fantasy Flight's Star Wars RPG's?

"Fear may very well save your life... but you will need to overcome it in order to face Jerserra..."

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