FFG Get You Set For A Star Wars Imperial Assault!

August 16, 2014 by brennon

Do you quite like Descent? Do you like Star Wars? How about the two were combined by Fantasy Flight Games into Star Wars Imperial Assault which pits daring Rebels against the might of Darth Vader and his Empire!

Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault (Components)

Interestingly Imperial Assault either has you playing this as an adventure game or a skirmish game where you go head to head with another player in a battle much like a miniature wargame. Essentially this means you're getting two games in one when you grab the boxed game.

Hero Card


Much like with Descent the real winning combination for me will be when one player takes on the Imperial forces and the others play as the various Rebel heroes in an effort to fight back against the power of the Dark Side and Darth Vader himself.

This got quite a few people excited during the in-flight report from Fantasy Flight Games and considering the amount of love Descent has got in future iterations I'm sure we'll see this being supported for a few years to come too.

Will you be picking this up?

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