New Wookie Warriors & More Come To Star Wars: Imperial Assault

April 22, 2015 by brennon

Fantasy Flight's Star Wars: Imperial Assault continues to be inundated with new models to help both sides of the conflict. The latest selection of packs include Wookie Warriors, Hired Guns and Stormtroopers...

New Packs

Hairy Heroes

The first of these packs to take a look at are probably my favourite from the three with the Wookie Warriors. These ferocious warriors were once a slave race under the yoke of the Empire but now freed of their bonds fight willingly for the Rebels...

Wookie Warriors

"Your skirmish strike teams can certainly reap the benefits of an alliance with the Wookiees. These trained warriors are fearsome in a brawl, and damaging them only enrages them further. The fury of a Wookiee can easily turn the tide of battle, and the addition of the Development Facility skirmish map just gives you more opportunities to demonstrate the foolishness of angering a Wookiee."

...any chance to say "Let the Wookie win..." is good in my book.

Paying For Pain

On the villains side of things we have some Hired Guns that will do anyone's bidding for the right price. While they are listed as a Villain pack they might end up fighting for either side if they get paid enough credits.

Hired Guns

"A team of Hired Guns can make life difficult for the Rebel heroes in any campaign with the addition of the newNefarious Dealings three-card Agenda set. You may challenge the heroes to stop a deal from being forged between the Imperials and a group of dangerous mercenaries. If the heroes cannot halt this back-room bargain before the terms are decided, the Imperial player gains the benefits of Mercenary Ties for the remainder of the campaign."

I just want to set up a scenario where these two are brothers of Greedo who got shot by Han Solo and they're out for blood, wanting to put down the swaggering smuggler and his Wookie pal.

Shoot Straight!

Last but not least is a new pack of Stormtroopers to help bolster the main force of your Imperial army. This set however isn't like the original Stormtroopers from the main boxed game and instead come with alternative sculpts and the option for additional upgrades.


"In your campaigns, this expansion offers the new Vader’s Fist Agenda set. You may goad the Rebel heroes into an attempt to sabotage the training facility of the renowned 501st Legion. On another mission, you might use the To the Last Man card to massively increase the attack and defensive power of the last Stormtrooper figure remaining in a unit, making this lone survivor a formidable opponent for any hero."

I like the sound of the To The Last Man rule which allows you to actually make a Stormtrooper quite a deadly adversary. Another option for the skirmish allows you to upgrade these Stormtroopers to members of the 501st which marks them out as 'Vader's Fist' and a highly trained group dedicated to the defence of the Empire.

Which pack will you pick up?

"...any chance to say "Let the Wookie win..." is good in my book"

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