Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – The Return!

May 4, 2018 by johnlyons

When Star Wars: Legion launched, John was set the challenge of turning an AT-AT into a truly epic gaming table. Check out the finished table here and watch the rest of his vlogs to see how he ruined an AT-AT and made something beautiful.

The Reveal

Hello everyone! It has been two weeks in the making, but I can finally show you my AT-AT Star Wars Legion miniatures gaming table! This Project Vlog has been intense, so if you want to see the work leading up to this video you can find it here.

Star Wars AT-AT Gaming Table

I love how well the AT-AT and the platforms fit in with the forest around it. This really has a strong narrative behind it which brings the table to life.

Turning a toy into a piece of wargaming terrain was a challenge but I really feel that it has paid off in the final result.

I think it's great just how dominating the AT-AT is on the table and how small the Star Wars Legion troops are while they mingle around this fallen monster.

There is tons of scope for cinematic moments in and around the AT-AT as the rebels fight to claim it and the empire tries to recover it.

The inside of the AT-AT might be a cool place to throw your characters or just to have a good old Lightsaber rave.

It's really good to see that we can get miniatures all over the table. It was a worry early on that the AT-AT would kill a lot of playable space.

I have fallen totally in love with this table now that all the elements have come together over the last two weeks and created something I feel is pretty special.

Check Out The Entire AT-AT Table Build

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