Explore The Edge Of The Empire With New FFG Sourcebook

July 12, 2013 by brennon

Right after the release of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Fantasy Flight Games have got their thinking hats on and one of the first sourcebooks has been announced. Enter the Unknown helps build on the career path of the explorer...

Edge of the Empire - Enter the Unknown

As I mentioned above this sourcebook builds on the Explorer as a class and helps you add a few new nuances to its generation and evolution. This brings with it new specialisations and talents along with options for other classes to grab a hold of too.

This isn't just aimed at the heroes either. Games Masters will also be able to draw on the wealth of content within in order to not only make the Explorer feel more at home, but send them off on galaxy spanning adventures too.

Did you pick up the Explorer as your class in Edge of the Empire?

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