New Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Pops Up From E3

June 16, 2015 by brennon

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Some fantastic footage has appeared from E3 showing off what Star Wars Battlefront is looking like, even at a pre-alpha stage of production. The video above shows the Assault on Hoth by the Imperials with AT-ATs and AT-STs galore fighting it out in a very nicely done snowscape...

May The Force Be With You...

There were two modes shown off at E3 with one of them being a standard battle between Imperials and Rebels on Hoth and the other being a co-operative survival mode style affair where you battle against waves of enemies; a bit like Horde mode in other games like Gears of War and Halo.


You can watch the 'Walker Assault' above which I think we got pretty spot on when it came to the Salute game, and then follow the link HERE to find the Battlefront Youtube channel where you can watch the Co-Op video. Or alternatively, just click HERE.

Gameplay involved a lot of running and gunning, plenty of cool weapons and grenades and the use of jetpacks to get around the battlefield. There were also punishing orbital strikes and some opportunities to ride in the vehicles like AT-ATs (on rails), AT-STs and then TIE Fighters and X-Wings too. Oh and Snow Speeders, let's not forget them!

I loved both of the Battlefront games on Xbox and I think this is looking like a great return to form as a reboot on current gen consoles. I reckon the guys in the studio will be sacking off work to play this when it's out!

What did you think?

"Oh and Snow Speeders, let's not forget them!"

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