Start Your Own Star Wars Saga with Fantasy Flight Games

August 20, 2012 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games had a little surprise for attendees to Gen Con this year, the announcement of a new Star Wars Role-Playing game. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire is currently available in Beta form!

Star Wars - Edge of the Empire

Edge of the Empire marks the first of a trilogy of books which explore the Star Wars universe. In the first book you'll be heading to the outer rim, mixing with the scum and villains and even playing a loveable rogue. Age of Rebellion will follow this, putting you in the flight suit of a Rebel pilot. And finally you will get to use the Force in the final installment.

A copy of the Beta was available to everyone at the event but you can also get your hands on it through your local retailer (US Only) or through the Fantasy Flight webstore. International fans will have to wait a few weeks.

Did you get to experience Edge of the Empire at Gen Con?

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