Get In With The Wrong Crowd In Edge Of The Empire

October 12, 2013 by brennon

Fantasy Flight Games have got a neat supplement on the way for Edge of the Empire. Their newest, Dangerous Covenants, allows you to arm yourself for some pretty fierce firefights.

Dangerous Covenants

Dangerous Covenant will offer you new skills, weapons and all sorts of extra gubbins to make your fighting that little easier and much more deadly for the enemies you come up against.

Specifically the Hired Gun career will be getting a lot out of this book as you can mix things up with a variety of awesome weapons like vibro-knuckles and plasma missiles. All those sounds very awesome indeed.

We were going to start a campaign of this back home but I think we've let it slip by the wayside. I hope we can dive in and I can be a Hired Gun!

Will you be making a new pact?

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