A Bear Slaying Dwarf Arrives From Statuesque Miniatures

July 31, 2014 by brennon

Statuesque Miniatures have added another model to their fantasy repetoire in the shape of Birsi Bearsson! See what you think of this epic berserker sent down from the mountains to claim mighty kills for his hold!

Birsi with Great Axe

Birsi with Great Axe (Rear)

Birsi with Twin Axes

Birsi with Twin Axes (Rear)

The sculpt is once again fantastic and really draws on that 90's feel of Fantasy with an updated modern take on the design. There is still the sense of heroic proportion across the whole model and the axe is decidedly 'epic' but they've managed to make it look like a modern role-playing miniature that would fit into any collection, and it's well deserved!

You can get Birsi with Twin Axes or a Great Axe AND you can get him as a combined set as well if you want a couple of different versions of your new Dwarf Barbarian.

Alongside their existing Adventurer Pack you have a welcome new line of Fantasy miniatures coming out of Statuesque and I hope they do a lot more! What I really want is for them to be at Salute next year so I can impulse buy all of their shiny figures!

What do you think of Birsi?

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