A Film Noir Couple & A Dark Doctor New From Statuesque!

October 3, 2014 by brennon

Statuesque Miniatures have put up their two new miniature sets up for pre-order which include both DA Denton & Red Queen alongside Doctor Strukov & Sister Anaesthesia...

DA Denton & Red Queen (Front)

DA Denton & Red Queen (Rear)

"A former Marine and light heavyweight boxer turned District Attorney, Denton is a hardnosed crusader for law and order. His efforts to combat the forces of crime have led to four thwarted attempts on his life. Denton is now known to keep a Thompson smg in arms reach at all times.

"Cunning and alluring, Red Queen controls the heart of the city, including the finest casinos and nightclubs. She is most frequently found entertaining nightclub patrons, singing or socializing with her army of hopeful suitors. Red ruthlessly protects her secret criminal empire."

An awesome pairing and just begging to be the centre of some epic role-playing adventure or skirmish game. The hard-nosed cop and the femme fatale is a well known one but I think Statuesque Miniatures have done an awesome job on the sculpts.

Doctor Strukov and Sister Anaesthesia (Front)

Doctor Strukov and Sister Anaesthesia (Rear)

On the other side of things we have some creepy additions to the line-up...

"Assigned to their posts within three months of each other, the appointment of Sister Anaesthesia as Asylum Administrator and Doctor Strukov as Senior Medical Officer undoubtedly marks the decline into cruelty and evil that has afflicted Statuesque Asylum in recent years. Together they dominate their unfortunate charges with iron will and razor-sharp scalpel."

Once again some awesome sculpts and I like that a narrative already speaks for itself when you see the miniatures. From the front they look like reasonably respectable individuals and then when you look behind there's no telling where those keys lead or what strange things Strukov will be doing with that item clutched in his hands.

What do you think?

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