Some Merry Adventurers From Statuesque Miniatures!

December 11, 2013 by brennon

We had a look at Statuesque Miniatures yesterday and they have deserved yet another one today as they revealed the first 3D print from their collection of merry adventurers. See what you think of the Barbarian and the rest of his companions.

Barbarian (Front)

Barbarian (Rear)

First up we have this burly Barbarian with his mighty sword of (possibly?) Ogre Decapitation. I love the cartoonish design of him and he really does fit in with the stereotypical view of what one of these 'jockish' Barbarians would be like. I like that his race is also undefined so you could have him as Half-Orc or Human, your choice!

Lowri Lowrisson, Dwarf Adventurer

The Nameless Elf

The Wizard

They have also shown off the 3D renders of the rest of the adventuring party including the awesome Dwarf,  a deadly Elf and the wizened old Wizard who is probably eternally annoyed with these young whipper-snappers.

These are some of the most fun miniatures I've seen in a while and I actually can't wait until they come out. I am practically deciding how I'm going to paint them as I type.

The neat semi-cartoon look and the knowledge that these guys are great when it comes to realising their sculpts mean we should be on to a real winner here.

What do you folks think?

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