Statuesque Go Adventuring With Captain Wolf & Minerva

June 25, 2014 by brennon

Statuesque Miniatures have sent a new pair of adventurers of the pulp variety off to get made to then be available at the beginning of July! See what you think of Captain Wolf & Minerva for your next pulp expedition!

Captain Wolf & Minerva (Front)

Captain Wolf & Minerva (Rear)

The set gets you the rather grizzled and dashing Captain Wolf and his equally battle worn Minerva. The eye patch and 'ready to draw' stance show she's no stranger to combat across any number of different continents. It's great to see some more pulp heroes from Statuesque Miniatures and they always seem to get the characters just right.

Do you think you'll be hiring these two next time you need a treasure rescued or agent extracted from the midst of a triad?

Let me know what you think!

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