Statuesque Miniatures Head Into The Pulp Alleys

December 10, 2013 by brennon

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Statuesque Miniatures are working with Pulp Alley to bring you some more heroes for the tabletop. See what you think of both Pulp Girl and Phantom Ace that have been previewed over on their Facebook page.

Pulp Girl and Phantom Ace (Front)

Pulp Girl (Rear)

Phantom Ace (Rear)

These are some very cool looking figures, as you'd expect from the folks at Statuesque Miniatures. Although this has been created for the world of Pulp gaming I think these would be awesome as Cyber Punk characters as well. They have a nice near-future feel to their outfits and look.

I like that Phantom Ace is wearing an almost Zapp Brannigan style outfit. Where's Kiff when you need him?

They are off getting made right now and will be available in January from what I believe!

Will you be following this one closely?

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