Statuesque Welcomes A New Investigator To Their Pulp World

February 8, 2016 by brennon

Statuesque Miniatures have added another investigator to their repertoire in the form of Professor Felicity Poppington. She looks like she's ready to do some serious sleuthing. As well as that we have some new heads from them in Heroic, Fine & Pulp proportions...

Professor Felicity Poppy

"Professor Felicity Poppington has been investigating the stories surrounding Statuesque Asylum for some time, interviewing former patients and staff to hear their tales of horror and dread. Now she must cross the threshold and discover for herself what hides in the shadows of this benighted place."

Statuesque do a whole lot of fantastic heads for adding Female characters to your games. Here is the selection below which can be found over on their webstore. The differences are small but they make all the difference.

Mult-Scale Female Heads

Thats a pretty good reason to get stuck into making some full female squads and more I reckon.

What do you think?

"She looks like she's ready to do some serious sleuthing..."

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