Statuesque’s Mei-Lin May 2.0 & Fem Bots Hit The Store

January 28, 2014 by brennon

Statuesque Miniatures, which have done some amazing models over the past year or so, have got Mei-Lin May 2.0 and some of the awesome Fem Bots up on their webstore. Thing is the Fem Bots already sold out, but more are being ordered!

Mei-Lin Mayfair 2.0

Hong Kong Killer Fembots

As you can see these Fem Bots and their leader, Mei-Lin, are some awesome miniatures that would be perfect for pretty much any Cyberpunk or Sci-Fi adventure. I am currently in a bit of an android/cyborg/Cyberpunk phase so these are right up my alley in terms of look and feel.

I think these bots need shutting down; it's time to send in the Psycho Squad.

What do you think?

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