Meridian’s New British and Prussian Infantry Join in Steampunk War

December 4, 2014 by dracs

In the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars the Aether was discovered, plunging the Europe of the early 19th century into a steampunk post-apocalypse. Now Meridian are bringing two units of steampunk infantry into this world as the British and Prussians march to war.

Steampunk British Infantry

Steampunk Prussian Infantry

We have seen a lot of steampunk stuff in the past, but I do love the idea of a post-apocalyptic Napoleon setting. Both of these infantry units convey the setting well and tell us a little about the setting itself. Given the fact that both units are wearing gas masks, chemical weapons must be pretty prominent.

Both of these units are now available from Meridian's new webstore and will be useful, either as units in a full army, or to fill up the grunt slots of smaller skirmish games.

What do you think of these new Steam and Aether minis?

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