Don Pith Helmets & Wield Fantastic Weapons With Meridian

April 13, 2013 by brennon

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If you liked the look of some of the previous Meridian Miniatures Steampunk kit then check out what else is in the Pseudo-Victorian pipeline...

Pith Helmets With Gubbins

Special Steampunk Weapons

I love that the actual words used to describe the Pith Helmet heads was 'gubbins'. It's such a delightfully Steampunk word! They do look pretty awesome though and I could see a ranked up unit marching out with them on.

As for the weapons they truly are rather unique! I don't want to hazard too much of a guess as to which weapon does what but I think the top left could be a flame thrower and the top right a rocket launcher?

Help me out here folks!

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