Meridian Miniatures Take On The World Of Steampunk

April 6, 2013 by brennon

Meridian Miniatures who have previously done freelance sculpting work for a number of notable companies, including Impact! and Otherworld have branched out into the world of Steampunk. Check out some of their work-in-progress pieces below...

Aether & Diving Helmets

Steampunk Soldier

Steampunk Riflemen

This is certainly a good start and I like the style of the Riflemen already. It has a bit of Fable III about it, especially in the design of the chest pieces.

Interestingly if these work out well as a customisable kit they would potentially be perfect for using in Dystopian Legions providing the scale matched.

It's a great start and it will be fun seeing how this range develops.

Are you a Steampunk fan?

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