Pirates, the Occult and Fallen Dwarves from Miniatures of the North

July 26, 2012 by brennon

Miniatures of the North is a sculpting company that hasn't been around for very long, but after looking through some of their work they could be onto a winner...

First up we have the Occult Investigator and his robotic friend to keep him safe. A characterful miniature that really brings to life a little bit of the back story behind coming miniatures...

Occult Investigator

Next is a selection of Aether Pirates, some with a little more pomp and ceremony than others. I do like the Bugman though, he reminds me of the 'Prawns' from District 9.

Aether Pirate #1

Aether Pirates #2

Aether Pirate #3

Of course pirates need something to face off against, so how about these Imperial Border Soldiers with a distinct Steampunk vibe to them? I'm loving the style of these miniatures!

Imperial Border Squad

Imperial Border Platoon

And last but not least is something a little different since its a fantasy project. Check out the Fallen Dwarves Work-in-Progress sculpts...

Fallen Dwarf #1

Fallen Dwarf #2

So what do you think of Miniatures of the North, is there potential here?

Let us know below.

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