The Steampunk Ottomans Go on a Lead Adventure

May 9, 2012 by brennon

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Lead Adventures are back with a new wave of miniatures, this time for the Steampunk universe! Check out their models below and dream up some inventive ways to use them...

Ottoman Assault Team

Ottoman Chemical Squad

Ottoman Heavy Support

These are the individual packs above containing just two miniatures from the line. But if you're looking for a whole group of them they have catered to that too...

Ottoman Deal

As you can see here the deal even shows off some of the painted models! A fantastic paint job that really brings the miniatures to life. Also if you are into something more off the wall then how about some literature inspired heroes?

Alice in Steamland

Yes that's Lewis Carroll's Alice in the Steampunk world slaying things alongside a rather deadly looking Mad Hatter.

Steampunk Deal - Third Wave

Then even if you fancy mixing the two sets together there is another wave deal from Lead Adventures. I have to say like with all the releases from Lead Adventure I am enjoying these models. Lots of character, detail and each telling a story.

Will you go through the looking glass with Alice?

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