Steve Barber Models Face A Goth Invasion With New Packs

May 7, 2017 by brennon

Steve Barber Models are facing an invasion of the Goths over on their webstore. No, this isn't the lanky dark haired chaps and chapettes you see out and about, these are some serious warriors!

28mm Goth Command

Leading the way we have this Command element which you see above which breaks down into a leader, a standard bearer and a musician to keep the warriors in check.

If you're in need of an extra champion then that berserker down in the bottom right has his axe ready, able to bring down enemy champions with ease.

Rank & File

Making up the rank and file of the army you can also pick up some Unarmoured Goths With Swords...

28mm Goth Swordsmen

...and some Goth Archers too. These sets could help become the main part of your growing warband on the tabletop, ready to go slaughtering along the edge of Europe.

28mm Goth Archers

It's neat to see some more of these warriors getting picked up for your Dark Age gaming on the tabletop.

Now you just need a game to play with them in, so what would you pick?

Put your answers below...

"Now you just need a game to play with them in, so what would you pick?"

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