Steve Barber Fight The Greek War Of Independence

September 22, 2014 by brennon

A new range of metal miniatures are now available from Steve Barber Models to help you fight the Greek War of Independence. Greeks, Albanians, Turks, Egyptians, Polish and German troops are marching into battle!

Greek War of Independence #1

Greek War of Independence #2

Greek War of Independence #3

Some rather standard fair in terms of historical miniatures that do the job of looking historically accurate. They're certainly not the top of the pile in terms of detail but they have plenty going on to make them interesting to paint.

The Greek War of Independence was fought by a whole host of different nations and has quite a colourful history. Being a literature student at university I did know that Lord Byron himself went off to Greece to help them fight the good fight against the Ottoman Empire and Egyptian army.

The war was hard fought and ended with Greece finally establishing it's independence and gaining recognition as a country once more. This seems like a really interesting war to fight and since it even pulled in Britain, Russia and France to send their respective navy to the Greeks you can see what significance it had.

What do you think of the miniatures?

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