Viking Wounded Litter The Field From Steve Barber Models

October 27, 2015 by brennon

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Steve Barber Models have launched a rather spiffing webstore and with that some neat new models for embellishing your games set in the Dark Ages. Both the Wounded Vikings and Dead Vikings sets would be great for using in games of SAGA as objective markers and signs of brutal conflict...

Viking Casualties #1

The Wounded Vikings above are looking like they are having a brutally bad time of it. One of them is barely holding his guts in while another has an axe embedded in his skull.

The Dead Vikings have finally passed on but you could use them as the scene of an ambush where you're warband, following them along the road, has come upon the scene and seek vengeance against those that put them down.

Viking Casualties #2

I think these kind of models add a whole new level of authenticity and narrative to a battlefield. They tell a story even after your models have left the table.

What do you make of these sets?

"They tell a story even after your models have left the table..."

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