New Vikings Raiders From Steve Barber Miniatures!

September 24, 2014 by brennon

A new raiding party of Vikings has arrived on the beaches of some distant shore from Steve Barber. Do you think these warriors will make the cut and fight for you and Odin?

Vikings (New)

Above are some more Vikings with spears, axes, dane axes and swords. It's quite a cool collection of warriors with plenty of character. I like the wounded Viking in the middle resting on his spear the best.


The above collection shows off some more of their range that would work well as bodyguards for the warlord in the middle. They come with more cool poses and even bows!

I think these would be rather neat to use in a larger Viking force to give it a bit of character and individualism. While you might not make your entire warband out of metal you could use them as champions and the like that lead units into battle.

What do you think?

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