Stonehaven Miniatures Show Off New Animal Heroes

December 23, 2017 by brennon

Stonehaven Miniatures have been tinkering away in the background on a new selection of Animal Heroes that you can drop onto the tabletop. The one that really caught my eye was this Kobold Fighter...

Kobold Fighter

This little fellow, despite his diminutive size, seems to be a rather awesome little fighter. I love that he is clad in proper heavy armour and carries a weapon that mirrors the look of the scales of his natural skin. I would have a hard time killing this charming chap.

Flying Fellows

As well as the Kobold they have some flying folk thrown into the mix with this Owlfolk Wizard who looks sagely and wise. He appears to be the kind of chap would hand out important quests.

Owlfolk Wizard

You also have this Owlfolk Rogue as well. They are silent hunters at night so it makes sense for the style of miniature and class choice.

Pygmy Owlfolk Rogue

With daggers drawn and wings unfurled you could seem him landing on rooftops and sneaking around in the dark and he looks for treasures to pilfer.

What do you think of these previews?

"I would have a hard time killing this charming chap..."

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