Stonehaven Adventures Kickstarter Closing Today

August 25, 2017 by thisisazrael

Stonehaven Miniatures are running a Kickstarter for a diverse set of 28mm heroes for role-playing, dungeon-crawling and tabletop wargaming.

I have been really impressed by the work of Stonehaven's previous projects and current miniature lines, especially their dwarves.

I've posted below just a sample of some of my favourites from the project.

Stonehaven Miniatures Adventurers 2017 Clockwork Horse

This 64mm long and 40mm tall Clockwork Horse really stole my heart to the point where he'd likely be a non-playable character controlled by me, the Dungeon Master, that would aid the group by communicating via ticks, tocks and hoof stomps.

Stonehaven Miniatures Adventurers 2017 Half-Dragon Spellblade

The Half-Dragon Spellblade has a nice blend of warrior and spellcaster.

The fire engulfed blade opend up some nice painting options for the mini too.

Stonehaven Miniatures Adventurers 2017 Human Monk

The Human Monk mini could easily be used as a monk, a fighter or chi/element bender.

The windswept hair and troubled look lend perfectly to a deep backstory for a campaign.

Stonehaven Miniatures Adventurers 2017 Half-Orc Warlord

The Half-Orc Warlord mini actually got me thinking about how Half-Orcs may be inclined to hide their faces not only for protection on the battlefield but also for fear of discrimination.

One thing is for sure that this guy is ready for a fight and could easily represent a beserker, fighter or warrior.

The miniatures will be cast in lead-free white metal pewter.

One thing I also like is the "points system" they have implemented on the project which means you can back at a level which suits you but choose from across the entire range of miniatures.

At the time this article goes live there will only be 14 hours left on the Kickstarter so if you're interested check it out now.

Do any of the Stonehaven minis inspire you to roll some dice?

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